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Alex the Devilechidna
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Alex the Devilechidna

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PostSubject: Alex the Devilechidna   Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:14 pm

Name: Alexis Lee Ibarukkurai
Nicknames/Alias: Alex, Lexi, Lex, Yellow, Devil-girl
Character Type(original, fan chara, or other[include details]): Fancharacter
Gender: Female
D.O.B.: October 28th, 1995
Age: 14
Birthplace: The Kingdom of Cirsuimenia(Western Mobius)
Residence: Lives in an apartment with her brother(Zorro)and sister(Zora)...
Marital Status: Varies from RPG's, she will be married in the future however...
Height: 3"8
Weight: 106 lbs.
Ethnicity/Race/Species: Devilechidna(Tasmanian Devil-Echidna crossbreed)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Golden yellow with streaks of soft gray...
Blood Type: A
Occupation: N/A
Did You Graduate High School?: No
Highest College Level: N/A
IQ: 193
Social Class(anarchist, royalty, military, average joe etc): Hidden royal blood
Economic Class (upper, middle, lower): Middle class
Alignment(hero, good, neutral, dark/evil/villan): Heroine
Aspirations/Dreams: To live happily, raise a family, and die a heroine...
Fears: Losing her family and friends, falling to her father...
Abilities/Attacks: Jump, Run, Jog, Walk, Spin Dash, Climb, Glide, Dig...
Special Abilities/Attacks: Pummel Attack(smashes an enemy at random), Slam Jam(blasts a shot of powerful chaos energy, knocking enemies off their feet), Electric Mage(uses her crystal pendant to charge up a powerful spreading attack to her enemies, blowing them away from her)
Talents: Drawing, sculpting, and humor...
Weakness: Seeing her friends harmed or killed...
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Video gaming,
Likes: Watching TV, sleeping, eating, more sleeping, hanging out, and bonding...
Dislikes: Boring crap, jerkwads, ghetto chicks... etc, etc...
Friends: Nayik the Hedgefox, Monica the Hedgerabbit, Joee(Joey) the Hedgehog,
Alli the Hedgehog, Alida the Pony, Maegan the Panda, Lauren the Collie, Sam the Cat,Known Family: Judas(her evil/father), Camelia(mother), Ztorm(oldest brother), Zorro(older brother), Zora(oldest sister), and Lea(evil/older sister)
Rivals: Lea, Rouge, Blaze, Xela(her dark self), Wave
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, King Judas Ibarukkurai(her father), Xela(her dark/evil side)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Zodiac: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Birthstone: Opal
Element: Water/Fire
Season: Fall/Summer
Social Stereotype - optional: Shy, but opens up when you get to know me...
Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, or Platnum: Platinum
Fave Color: Yellow, Red, Black, and Gray
Fave Music/Genre of Music: Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, Rn'B
Fave Movie: Hayao Miyazaki's Movies, Pokemon Movies, and the Wolfman...
Fave Game(electronic or not): Harvest Moon Series, Sonic Series, Pokemon Series, Earthbound 0,1,2...
Fave Series(books, show, anime, comic): Tokyo Mew Mew, Bleach, Ojamajo DoReMi, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Magickers, Series of Unfortunate Events, Lovely Bones...
Fave Artist: Stephen Marley, Drake, The Gorillaz, Alicia Keys, Black-eyed Peas...
Fave Place to Visit: Friend's houses, the mall, the arcade... blah, blah, blah...
Fave Cuisine: Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisine
Fave Food: Spaghetti
Fave Non-Alcoholic Drink: Root Beer, Sasparilla, Shirley Temple, and Fruit Punch
Coffee, Tea, or Both? What kind?: Coffee, very sweet with lots of sugar.
Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla: Vanilla
Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, olives, sausage, chicken....
Weirdest Thing You Eat: Macaroni and cheese with ranch dressing...
Fur Color(if applicable): Yellow and Gray
Hairstyle: Shoulder-length dreadlocks with long sideswept bangs...
Nose Type(& Color, if applicable): Small,
Ears(if applicable): Slightly pointed in a devil form(turn red when she's angry...)
Tail(if applicable): Small, zigzagged tail
Other Features: Nothing noticeable...
Any Tattoos? What Kind?: N/A
How Many Peircings? What Kind?: Ear piercings
Any Scars/Birthmarks?:Birthmark on the back of her left thigh... scar running down her mid-back...
Attire: Mostly cargo shorts, tube tops or tank tops, fingerless black gloves, and a choker with varying pendants...
Items/Weapons: A small dagger made from illuminating crystal...
Vehicle: N/A
Clean/Messy/In-Between: In-Between
Do You Drink? What Kind?: N/A
Do You Use Tobacco? What Kind?: N/A
Do You Use Drugs? What Kind?: N/A
Religion - optional: Christianity
Are You Looking for a Home/Roommate? Describe Your Ideal Situation: Uhm... depends... has alot of friends as roomates... does tht count?
An Acquaintance/Your Roommate Goes Missing. What Do You Do?: Search endlessly for them...
Can/Do You Cook? How Well?: Cooks a little bit and fairly well...
Theme Song: Imma Be-Black-Eyed Peas
What Do Others Like Most About You?: Funny, sweet, comforting, and good advisor, others say i'm beautiful....
What Do You Like Most About Yourself?: I'm funny, random, cool to hang around...
Back Story: Alex was born into the royal bloodline of the kingdom of Cirsuimenia. She is the youngest, meaning she is the last to reign(unless her other relative's are eliminated). She had an abusive family life, constantly being beaten by her father, King Judas Ibarukkurai II, while sustaining her self-conscious and searching for her (deceased?)mother. She escaped with her brother Zorro, her sister Zora, and Zora's boyfriend, Cheos before the children's royal coronation. After escaping Cirsuimenia, Alex can't bear to return to that awful massacre nation, so she hides her royal blood. As she grows up, she meets a hedgefox named Nayik, who she is the guardian angel to, she meets a hedgehog named Joee, her best guy friend and teammate, and many of her other friends to share adventures with. Trying to forget her painful past, she lives with Zorro and Zora in an apartment, living their daily lives in a standard mid-class manner as any other would.
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Alex the Devilechidna
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