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 Nayik News 4

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Nayik the Hedgefox
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Nayik the Hedgefox

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PostNayik News 4

What an update!
This Weeks Agenda
*New Affiliate
*Forum project
*Converter Failure

First off, Affiliation Time!
Not yet...
I'll need to make a better banner than I have given any of you guys, but here is one of our newest pals!

Yes... For those of you who don't know, I've had a past with the founder of this forum... But, all is forgiven, and he decided to have us as affiliates (through private messages, of course.)

So, expect an influx of people for a little bit, as soon as the true mini button is done.

Second! If you haven't seen it yet, take a gander at the forum project that's planned out.
If not a game, we could do something else, just post it in that topic please.

Third, The converter is faulty. So now, it will be taken out. What will replace it, is Boxes.
Boxes are 10 times worth each given + sign. They are extra rings, essentially.
In that case, you can use it for the shop, which will also change because of that.
Instead of me asking for 500 Charged Rings, I will ask for 500 rings or you can give me 50 boxes. simple as that.
If it's something like 11-19 charged rings, you round it up. To 2 boxes.
Essentially, all charged rings from shops are divided by 10, and rounded up if it's a decimal.

It's been pretty slow lately, but I want you guys to advertise at other sites, not as your own username, but called as one of these usernames...

Static of a Hedgehog
∞Sonic Spark∞
Electro Whiplash
Aerotron (Prefix meaning Air, ending being similar to electron)

That would help me see where the forum is going into. If all of these are taken, tell me so I can add a name. People who are successful at this will be known as Cruise Control.

Codes of Cruising...
1. Obey the other forum's rules. If you don't then it's not worth it, just get out.
2. Do not say anything bad about it, just say "we are open to criticism, but only at the forum."
3. If a lot of members are giving you crap, come see me about it.
4. Use common sense. I can NOT stretch this enough. Do not act like you came out of a hookah bar, but don't act too smart ass. This double standard usually means that you should act like a normal, relatively smart person, but be able to dodge questions you can't answer.
5. If you mad up a lie about the forum, like how "Metallix really owns this place," ... gtfo... Try not to lie, because it might make us look stupid.

Now, for the lulz...

Thanks for Water God, AKA Time Shadow for giving me a facelift!
The picture was taken from my YouTube account, TheBadassNerd.
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Nayik News 4

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