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 Life of Nayik

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Nayik the Hedgefox
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PostSubject: Life of Nayik   Life of Nayik EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 4:53 am

This is like my other fan fic, but I'm gonna just copy and paste them (and edit slightly) for now until I decide to continue. I think I will though.

I was born on the Ark. The Mars Ark, in another time. All the humans had not been able to live with a child for 1000 years. So they cloned. But they wanted a new face around, so they tried to create one. They had succeeded. The result? Nayik. In human form. But one day, while I had been strolling through the corridors of the Ark, the G.U.N. Forces had thought that I was the same thing as Shadow. They all hated Shadow, because he would kill all the children that would be born, except for the clones, because he thought he was one. So G.U.N. tried to kill me like Shadow and Maria 1050 years ago. They almost succeeded, but I was still alive, pretending to be dead. To make sure I was dead, they had left a toxic gas can to activate. When it activated, it broke the hedgehog and fox DNA vases that had been manipulated to be able to run super speeds and fly at high altitudes. When all of those things mixed together, it became a gas that smelled like the beach, so I couldn't help breath it in. When G.U.N. forces came back to see if the human Nayik was dead, they saw the skin of it, but no inner organs such as a heart. They didn't see a tiny brown and blue rodent scurry out of the room. This happened, when I was 10.

We were docking on Sweebom, where GUN Headquarters was. I had never actually seen this City, but looked better than what I had seen in the text books. And then I realized that I wanted to go back to the Mars Ark. "Uh-oh." I thought to myself. I'm miles away from MArk. Now I'm stuck on Sweebom? And as an animal!" I looked around for something that will let me use the pod... And I spotted it. An emergency control panel! So I scurried underneath all the shoes at an alarmingly fast pace until I got to the other side of the pod. I couldn't crack the protective glass covering, so I just flew into the air with my tail, and melted a hole in the glass with my rocket shoes. "This is really weird," I thought. After I made sure the soldiers had all left, I activated the "Return to M.Ark" button. The door had closed and the escape pod started flying back up. But not alone. Many G.U.N. ships started following me, trying to get a glimpse of who was in it. "Luckily", they didn't see me, so they shot the pod because there was no human life on it. And as the pod exploded, and I was hurtled faster than the ship, I saw a purple blur, with purple energy extending before the blurs feet. The blur slowed down enough for me to catch up, and said. "Whats this? The new project? Looks kinda funny!" Trying to hold my breath, i shook my head. And in my head, I heard
"So what are you doing?"
Alarmed, I replied in my head "First of all, I am a Human, I was just mutated into this. I think. Second, who are you?"
The Purple blur minded "I'm the great great grandson of the fastest hyper sonic hedgehog. I'm Sonic the VII. Who the hell are you?"
"Nice to meet you dieng"
"No, I am literally dieing. Could you do something about it?"
"Oh, right, I forgot that others can't breath in space." *Makes an energy field around Nayik* "This'll help for a little."
*Gasping* "Thanks Sonic the VII"
"Oh you don't need to call me that. Just call me Sonic"
"Ok, and I'm Nayik... Wait, How am I talking!?"
*Sonic whispers*
Oooooohhhh... Ok.

Sonic and I just ran on this Energy Carpet as Sonic calls it. We were trying to get back to MArk so I could figure out how to revert to human form. The more I thought about it, the less I was able to get the answer. After a couple minutes, I concluded that even if everything had an opposite, there is no way to turn back human. I sighed, thinking that if the clones hadn't wanted to make a new child, I would just be a spirit. And that spirit wouldn't have to suffer being an animal forever. But there is one thing that could help, even though it's a small chance. If I could find the Decra Emerald, or all of the Deta Emeralds, I could probably figure out a way to reverse this biological curse. But of course, it was only a hoax, a myth, a legend. The other emeralds are just power, But these Emeralds are supposed to have more power than the Universe itself.
"If you want to know something, I can here what your thinking. I have a green Sol Emerald." Sonic said.
"Of course! I forgot! Legend also says that the Sol Emeralds can track the Deta Emeralds. The same thing for the Master Emerald about the Decra Emerald."
"Right. And Nayik?
"We're here."
"Oh really? Finally. I'll be able to get some equipment to track down those legendary emeralds."
"Sick, and heres that Sol Emerald"
"Thanks Sonic. You're a hero like your great grandfather."
"Thanks, I try. But you haven't seen all of me."
"It doesn't matter, I can tell."
And so we're off to find the rarest of all emeralds.

We got into the Ark, and rummaged through what we could find. We got a bunch of weapons, but nothing to carry all of it with. Sonic said that he could probably carry it with his abilities, but I don't really think so. He needs to concentrate on the enemy and on the weapons. Then I remembered that the humans who created me had used all of the Sol Emeralds, and the fact that Sonic had one means that he could find it like a magnet.
"Sonic, I think some of the Sol Emeralds are here."
"Yes, the humans made me with them."
"I felt a little bit of Sol Energy coming from you when I met you, but I can't feel as much as now."
"The humans deactivated the Emeralds power, but only when all of them are joined with the Master Emerald they will reactivate."
"So, we have to find the emeralds, to find the Emeralds, in order to turn back human."
"yes... didn't we cover that?"
*raises hand* "Silence, I sense the presence of a Sol Emerald." *breaths in* "One of them is in the mess hall. Another in an escape pod. And a..." *opens eyes* "No. It can't be. The Black Emerald. It's moving... Nayik, we have to get out of here."
What's the Black Emerald?
The Black Arms and Black doom created this Emerald. It's the equivalent of the power of the Decra Emerald, except tainted with dark powers and has a clever personality almost like a genie."
"That's bad... Right?"
"Tell me. Would you like to be tormented worse than being in hell, but still alive?"
"Eh... ... ..."
"Whatever, Let's get outta here! We also have to train you."
And instinctively, I said... "AERO WARP!" My first Non-Sol power.

Sonic and I appeared a-ways off. We saw the entire fleet of the Black Army, tearing apart the MArk.
I minded to Sonic, "I have to go in."
"Yeah right. I would have to come with you."
"Ok, fine."
"TELESPEED!" Sonic yelled.
"AERO WARP!" I said.

So Sonic and I teleported into the Ark, and went looking for some of the emeralds. We found the red one easily. It was in some liver chowder.
"You want to get it?" Sonic said jokingly.
"HELL NO!!!" I shrieked.
"Ugh, fine." And Sonic spilled it over. Luckily, I caught the emerald before it was covered with more liver chowder. It was all neon like... and SHINY... Then I heard a whisper...
With this Sol Emerald, you may control fire. And only you will decide which emerald you want to have full power of...
"Um, Sonic?"
"Yeah? What?"
"I think this Emerald just talked to me..."
"I think that you have gone psycho." He said mockingly. "Wait. The emerald talked? To you?
I nodded.
"I remember in a text book, that if an emerald talks to you, you have abilities that no one else can have. If you have that Emerald, you should have it's attributes, right? Hmm..." He looked around for something. "I'm not sure, but if you warm this Poptart up, then you are chosen."
"But how do I activate this power?"
"You must think of something that you burn with passion for, or flare up in anger. Then, you yell the word, Pyro, followed by something, such as Warp, or Flare. Try burning this poptart."
"Ok... I breathe in deeply, thinking of what I want. I want to be human, very much. and I also thought of something I hated. I hate the humans. Why do I wish to be one? All right then... Pyro... BEAM!"
An intense feeling of passion, and anger, flowed from my head, to my arms, and was released through my hands, incinerating the measly poptart. The flame was so intense, that Sonic had to put up a forcefield and run away, to not be burned... a couple seconds later, the inferno stopped, and I blacked out.

Doom's View
"With this Emerald of evil, I can find all of the emeralds, and rule the universe. I just have to destroy anything and everything that doesn't ooze power..."

1 minute after Nayik blacked out... Sonic's view...
What have I done? The Black Emerald is coming, Nayik's knocked out, and now I can sense Deta Energy. It definitely can't be coming from me, and Deta energy is too pure to be coming from the Black Emerald... Does that mean that it's coming from Nayik?

In Nayik's unconscious mind
"Nayik..." said an unknown voice
"Who... Who are you?"
"I am your guardian..." it said. It sounded like a girl
"No... What is your name?"
*chuckle* "You will find out in some time..." she said. What a pleasant voice
"Where are you?"
"..." Quietness...
"Where are you?!?"
"Somewhere close. I won't remember this conversation, as my own body is hurtling through space-time." She said sternly.
"But, but..."
Interrupting him, "Goodbye Nayik... Wake up. Wake up. Wake up dammit!" Her voice changed into a guys.
*speaking weakly* "Hey Sonic..."
"We have to get out of here." he said worryingly.
"Let's get the other Sol Emerald..." said defiantly.

"We have to get that other emerald. My guardian just talked to me."
"Who?" Sonic asked
"Ugh, never mind."
"O... kay... anyway, we better get to the escape pod."
"Yes, we must. Or the Black Emerald" a rumble and a loud crash "What da *bleep*?"
"Animals, give us the Sol Emeralds." Said Doom
"What do you need them for?" Sonic and Nayik said in unison
"Me and my Black Army need them to power the Black Emerald to create a dimensional rip and conquer other universes." he said cooly.
"But if you create a rip, it could tear the seams of this universe!" Sonic exclaimed
"Yeah, won't you die too?" Nayik said curiously
"Fool, my minions might be able to die, but I cannot. Not even Solaris can kill me."
"Well too frickin' bad, we are gonna get the emeralds, and find the Deta's! You can't have the Sol's."
"Then you shall suffer a catastrophic death!"
"Yes, and at this moment, I am charging up..." The Black Emerald roared.
"No..." he turns to Nayik. "We have to get the *bleep* out of here!
"I'll get the Sol Emerald. I used to live here, I know where the escape pod is.
"Ok, I'll hold these guys off.
Nayik nods to that, and prepares his SneakeRockets.
Emerald: If you use me, you will go faster... Just channel my Sol Energy to your feet...
"Ugh, Sonic? It talked to me again...
"Ok..." Nayik does what the Emerald told him to do. Channel the energy to his feet. Instantly, his SneakeRockets got a huge flare of pure red fire, as Nayik said... "I could get used to this..." He dashed past all the corridors and passageways to the escape pod. But the Black arms were already there. Nayik thought to himself "These guys don't look so tough, a pyro move should kill them." Then the little scrawny guys moved away to reveal the huge black soldiers. Though this could be a problem
"Yo! I got an emerald right here!
"Give it to us, you pathetic excuse for life. Said a Black Arms Soldier than shoots Nayik with laser gun
He dodges the laser and it hits Sonic
"Oh no you didn't... I know you didn't... I WILL *bleep*ING KILL YOU!!!"
As he said that, he drew power from the single emerald, so that his Dark Brown fur became a Dark Red sheen. His Blue stripes became an Indigo color because of the power emanating from him.
My name is Rage Inferno Nayik... You will DIE!

Rage Infero Nayik
BAS = Black Arms Soldier

"I'll killz ya"
Weakly, Sonic says "Nayik, what's happening
"It's nothing, I'm just gonna kill these Black Arms guys." I said cooly. Actually, hotly
Nayik severed his telepathic connection with Sonic, and looked at the measly Black Arms soldiers.
"So, who want's some first?"
BAS #1: Ugh... *scurries away*
BAS #2: I'm gonna see what he's doing... *runs away too*
"What? Your nothing but a pipsqueak piece of shi -" Doom was interupted.
"*bleep* you! You die first!!!"
As Nayik had shouted that at the noob Doom, Nayik charged his gloves until they became a bloody red, wrist-rings and his wrist-rings dissipated in an even fiery blaze. "You really want to die, don't you? Well I'll give you so much pain that you'll beg for it!" His gloves glowed even brighter, as Nayik shouted...
"Inferno.... DECAPITATION!!!" And following that, 2 blade-like fire wings emerged from his back, as Nayik flew past them so fast, (wings at the Dooms neck height), not even the legendary Super Sonic could keep up with. But Super Sonic could steer before crashing into a wall...
"Sol Control!" That stopped him from ramming into a wall, and slowed time to a near halt. He looked around, and saw that he, Doom, whom had asked for it, had got it. His neck was slightly off of his neck, but enough that you could see through. There was no blood... Yet "I was expecting a challenge. Oh well, time to kill that dumb rock."
Nayik grabs the Black Emerald. Immediately, a rush of events that don't look like they've happened yet zoomed by him. And evil whisper says to him, "So you're the chosen one? Nice to meet you. Serrate would love to hate you..." it said as the final image, a yellow echidna girl and a dark blue hedgehog girl laughing together, melted from view. And the Black Emerald melted into a puddle...

When he finally came out of Sol Control, and out of his Emerald form, he looked for the Emerald, rummaging through the alien carcass's. He was about to give up hope when he saw a blue glow. He didn't believe it, it could be the Emerald Sonic said was here. He walked to it, and... it was just a light. The Emerald said...
Look behind you, you will like what you find...
Nayik turned to find the Emerald head high.

Hello Nayik, Greetings Red. I couldn't help but watching you take on those Black Arms guys. I was fearing for my life! And I am just a rock!
A magical rock of power.
Yes, well, take away the magical powers, and I am a rock. Either way Nayik, you and Red saved me. Though the Decapitation thing I could have gone without.
"Oh, well sorry about that."
It doesn't matter, those aliens have no spirit when they go to Doom. And for saving me, I award you with me, and the full ability of my powers.
"Awesome, I already have 3 Emeralds. I can almost feel the Deta Emeralds in my hand right now." he said excitedly. "Wait, why doesn't the green emerald talk to me?
HEY! Don't you have someone to rescue right now?
Yes, Sonic, I believe?
"Oh, I almost forgot! Let's go!" Nayik blinked... "... Oh yeah, him! I gotta help him!
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Life of Nayik
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