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 Kim the Hedgehog

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Nayik the Hedgefox
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PostSubject: Kim the Hedgehog   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:49 pm

Is this character based on Sonic Team's or Archie's portrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog? Sonic Team

Character Image (if available): None

Name: Kimberley Zhang the Asian Hedgehog

Nicknames: Kim, Kim-kim, Zhanger

Age: 14 but technically 1014

Species: Asiatic Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Height: 2' 11"

Weight: 90

IQ: 121

Marital Status: Single

DOB: May 11

Birth Place: She fell from the sky over Nan-chun, Mars colony of Chun-nan.

Residence: Sunset Hill

Occupation: "Ancient" Chunese Language and Culture teacher, because she knows so much about something from 1000 years ago.

Social Class: Coolius Geekio

Economic Class: High Class

Alignment: Good

Top Speed: 98 mph

Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 40)
Agility - 4
Speed - 4
Strength - 4
Defense - 5
Evasiveness - 4
Dexterity - 6
Intelligence - 7
Skill - 6

Special Attacks: Dancer Strike (dances around and attacks with daggers), Hair Whip (her hair comes to life with some unknown energy and attack enemies), under certain circumstances Cryokinesis (Ability to control Ice)

Abilities & Aptitude: Dagger Swagger (Surrounds herself with glowing daggers that combine and turn into a glowing sword), Dagger Barrage (Same thing without the comination, and they home into the enemy), Mythic Force (Charges with the unknown energy, that increases her power, stamina, speed, and everything to an extreme amount. However, she loses control over her own will and her instincts take over), Tortured Banshee (yells at the top of her lungs, and with her already high voice, OW!!! Also, it increases in decibels the more she is stressed)

Hobbies & Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, teaching, playing various instruments.

Weaknesses: She is EXTREMELY ticklish. She is also cold all the time and hates hot places. She hates being powerless in something.

Basic Stats

Personal facts
Friends: Nayik the Hedgefox, Ng the Lynx, Andrew the Owl/Phoenix, Kaitlin the Bat.
Rivals: None known
Enemies: Blaze the Cat (heat), Van Trieste the Rhino.
Known relatives: None known, but through genealogy, could be related to Nayik, which keeps himself away from her.
Possible Crushes: Andrew the Owl, Nayik the Hedgefox
Likes/Favorite activities: Being around friends and being a normal girl.
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Failing in anything.
Gourmet of choice: She LOVES sandwiches!
Beverages of choice: Chrysanthemum Tea
Favorite color(s): Purple and black. A little blue.

Personality: Jokes around A LOT and doesn't mind when someone makes fun of her height, as long as she knows them well.

Physical Appearance
Color: Dark Purple
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Light Tan
Eye Color: average brown
Eye Shape: MUCH more angled than any other hedgehog.
Hair/Quill Style: Silver style except only 1 long spine that falls like normal hair on her back and 3 individual small spikes that lay on the large one.
Nose: A cute round nose
Ears: Perky and alert ears.
Tail: None
Other bodily features: Mysterious markings on her back

Attire: Usually a black shirt with a splash of white on it, and jeans

Items & Weapons: A bunch of frickin daggers, she will cut you fool!!!

Vehicles: Does a strange orb that only she can stand on count?

Themesong: With Me - Emma Gellote and Tinna Karlsdotter featuring Marty Friedman

Back Story: She is the grand daughter of Silver the Hedgehog. Suddenly, she was attacked by a strange energy from a wormhole and a weird tattoo was emblazoned on her back. Kim, being cold all the time, feels it as if it was the sun on her back. She was then grabbed by it and thrown into the wormhole, where she was falling for about 10 seconds, but was really 1000 years. Shockingly, the energy was absorbed into her tattoo, and the wormhole dissapeared, thus she fell to Mars. The first person she meets is Kaitlin the Bat, a distant relative of her own friend 1000 years ago. Next is Andrew the Owl before he became Andrew the Phoenix, then Ng the Lynx after he tried robbing her, and failed. Then she found Nayik, while moping around looking for someone who knows her. Nayik immediately for her. But through Anit's genealogy, Nayik finds out that Kim's great-grandnephew donated his body to the project Kaylim, Anit, and Nayik were. And, in a CERTAIN way, Anit is a relative of Kim, thereby making Nayik a relative, and the property of incest comes into play. Anit never told Nayik until her "death." Kim is now starting to like Nayik more than Andrew since that little discovery, but is still in the dark about it, which is pretty sweet engine for a fan-ficton.
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