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 Emi the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Emi the Hedgehog   Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:28 am

~General info~

Emi the hedgehog is a purple hedgehog with pink and yellow markings. She is 12 years old, and her birthday is April 25.

She has no weapons, however she does have powers. Emi inherited from her father her element powers. Her powers give her the ability to fight with the powers of ice, electricity, fire, earth ((same thing as rocks kinda…)) and radioactivity. She is very weak in all other categories however. Emi has very little physical strength, just enough to throw a person. She is an avid swimmer and excels in water. She is not very athletic, and pretends to be an idiot, but does this so that she can surprise others when she does do something great. She doesn’t like to fight, but she considers it her strength instead of weakness, though it isn’t really that way, being that Emi is often beaten up and injured.

Emi’s past was a tough one to describe. When Emi was born, she was a a baby that her father got out of a raping to Emi’s mother. Emi never met her mother. She lived with her father, Comashda, in a small town that had to obey Comashda. Many of the citizens called their town by the name of hell so much, that they forgot its real name, and began calling it hell. Every morning they all woke to the poor girl’s scream, as her father tortured her. Comashda was an evil dictator, and cared about nothing, but:
-His own pleasure

At age 2, Emi was still loved by villagers, but didn’t speak at all, nor did she cry. She would walk to a person when she wanted something, surprising most. Emi loved animals and nature, however, by age 3 her father deprived her of all that she loved. He began selling her at 3, which severely injured her. She cried every day, and no one seemed to care, except a few villagers. But what could they do? They obeyed her father, they couldn’t help her. Emi cried, and one day, she began to talk, at age 4. She told everyone how she was afraid to speak, worrying she may say something that would cause her father to kill her.

Once Emi got to 5, she began to protest against Comashda. She realized what was happening now when these men did things to her. She now was getting beaten by her father more than 4 times a day, and often had broken limbs. She tends to like wearing her dresses because it hides her scars. She tended to be so kind to the villagers, they loved Emi, some loved her like a daughter, though Comashda didn’t love her at all.

At age 6, Emi began to plot. She wanted her father dead. He didn’t deserve to breathe, and she knew how to kill him, and this is about the time when she discovered her powers. Her father had had a man get her pregnant, and she wanted to kill her father ((Emi was a very very early person to hit puberty XD)). One day, she began to scream at him, and scorched his body, she then stabbed him to death. Or at least she thought.

Age 7, Emi had no idea what to do. She was still too weak to prevent being raped, and was pregnant. One day, she met Tai the hedgehog, her best friend and protector. For a while at least.

Tai brought her to his home, where he gave her her own room, food and love. She also met Alicia the fox there, however the 2 never got along well. Tai made sure both were happy though. Although Tai never said anything, he always was in love with Emi. However he knew it wasn’t the way she loved him, so he refrained from telling her.

Emi lived there happily for 4 years, than near her birthday, it happened. Tai corrupted himself. No one knows how, but Tai is almost unbeatable when corrupt. Emi however, did beat him, as she transformed into her dark form. However she did not kill him. She hates death.

In the present, Emi lives with Anthony the hedgehog, her husband/boyfriend. He is the one now who protects her, as she still cannot protect herself.

Also, additionally, Emi’s IQ tested to be 146, which no one believes because she acts very dumb.


Emi is many things combined into a little hedgehog. She tends to be very light hearted, and loves all that live, except her father. She loves nature, and animals. Emi can be very sassy sometimes too. However she is very sensitive. She cries over little things and tends to overreact. She cannot stand death, she hates thinking of it. Whenever she hears the word rape she tends to run, and is scared of most men. She is very shy and sweet, and tends to blush a lot.

Emi loves music, mostly rock, alternative and pop. She tends to listen to music seldom, but still loves it and hums it under her breath.

Emi can occasionally be violent, i.e. when she threw people off the cruise ship. ((XD))

~Other facts~

-theme song - Missing, by Evanescence

Additionally, Emi’s favorite food is ice cream. Especially strawberry! With sprinkles. Her favorite color is purple, as told by her coloring. Emi likes to hear stories, even if they’re not true. She tends to stay away from most fairy tales, but loves some, as people are often happily ever after. And she loves happy endings.

Emi loves her friends, and never talks bad about them behind their backs. She tries to protect people, but usually ends up hurt or the other just runs. The only one she fights friendly with before his corruption was Tai. Tai did anything she want, and trained her sometimes for if she needed to fight just in case. Emi and Tai used to be like Sonic and Tails as far as their friendship went. But not anymore, everything changed. Once Tai was corrupted, they couldn’t be friends a long time, until he fixed himself. But even still, the 2 aren’t as close, though he still loves her and will always pick her up if she falls. Now however, Emi is living a happy life with Anthony.

Emi’s friends tend to depend, but her main friends are Tai, Anthony, Zora, Alicia

Another thing, she also has one sister named Cecilia. Cecilia is just like their father, very promiscuous. Emi tends to try and stay away from her.


I DON'T LIKE CHARACTER SHEETS! instead I use s00p4h long bios
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Nayik the Hedgefox
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Nayik the Hedgefox

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PostSubject: Re: Emi the Hedgehog   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:56 pm

Super long Bios? Aw well. It still is cool. And throwing people off the cruis ship, was that from the rpg?
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PostSubject: Re: Emi the Hedgehog   Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:45 pm

yes and it was very fun! XD she threw Oscar and another guy off a cruise ship
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PostSubject: Re: Emi the Hedgehog   

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Emi the Hedgehog
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