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 Nayik the Hedgefox

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Nayik the Hedgefox
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Nayik the Hedgefox

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PostSubject: Nayik the Hedgefox   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:43 am

Character Image (if available):

Name: Hsoonayik Ithkadrap the Hedgefox

Nicknames: Hybrid, Nayik, Nay, Naynay, Kiwi, Hedgefox, Mutation, AI

Age: 14 (in 20 days)

Species: Originaly human. Mutated into a Hedgefox

Gender: Male

Height: 3' 10"

Weight: 73

IQ: 127

Marital Status: Dating Alex the Devilechidna, and yearning for Kim the Hedgehog, who through a complex search is possibly a relative.

DOB: July 24 2995

Birth Place: Mars Ark

Residence: Eastopolis

Occupation: College Profesor for Young Genius'

Social Class: Badassius Nerdesten

Economic Class: Upper Middle Class

Alignment: Heroic but will risk himself and others for universal benefit.

Top Speed: 170 MPH

Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 40)
Agility - 6
Speed - 8
Strength - 6
Defense - 6
Evasiveness - 4
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 7
Skill - 5

Special Attacks:
Default: Homing Attack, Spindash, Roll, Hop Blade

Abilities & Aptitude:
Psy Shift: Switches to his alternate personality, Ganley.
Pseudo Copy: Fake versions of Nayik appear, and can do exactly the same things as the original. However they can touch things, but not hurt.
Psycho Wail: Yells like a banshee, the sound wave made of Psycho energy, which stalls and deteriates anything moving toward the origin of the wave.
Psycho Edge: Grows claws made of Psycho energy at every vertex of the body.
Psycho Machete: Phantym Phyre glows purple with Psycho energy and can slice through anything and everything.
Psycho Fissure: Nayik Summons a perfect sphere of Psycho energy that absorbs the enemy and turns it into more Psycho energy. The enemy will be weakened or dissipates into an inescapable pocket universe, known as the nulliverse.

Hobbies & Talents:
Baseball, reading, finding out about the Precursors and goofing around.

Failure, threat of innocent, weakness of friend.

Motivational Weaknesses:
Failure, death of innocent, temper, considered dumb, weakness of enemy

Personal facts
Friends: Alex the Devilechidna, Ng the Lynx, Jacob the Bat, Kim the Hedgehog (almost romance)
Rivals: Ng the Lynx, Jacob the Bat
Enemies: Kaylim the Cyberfox, Nega-Nayik the Foxhog, Anti-Alex the Echidnadevil, Serrate the Scanty Demon.
Known relatives: Kaylim the Cyberfox (killed by Nayik), Anit the Pacifist Fox (killed by Serrate as bait), Possibly Kim the Hedgehog.
Likes/Favorite activities: Daydreaming, fighting for fun
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: NiGHTs, fighting for evil.
Gourmet of choice: Pasta, chili.
Beverages of choice: Dr. Pepper and Ginger Ale together
Favorite color(s): Dark Blue, Blue, Silver, White, Black, Dark Red, Red.

A nice guy when you really know him, but on the outside he seems as cold as subzero. He will protect you in anyway he posibbly can, even if he must sacrifice everything.

Physical Appearance
Fur: Dark Brown
Center Stripe: Silver
Other Stripes: Blue
Skin Color: A darkish tan
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair/Quill Style: Looks seperated, but angles to a point.
Nose: standard short nose
Ears: standard hedgehog ears
Tail: one tail with a blue stripe going to the end of the tail which has a silver end.
Other bodily features: Nah.

Shadic style Shoes
Scabbard that looks like it only holds a small knife.
Red Rings

Items & Weapons:
Phantym Phyre - A sword that passes through those with good hearts, but burns like a timer of sorts, spreading quickly at first and slows down, than combusts.

Air Skiis, Superconductive Armor

Catch Me If You Can - Sonic Riders Ending Theme
Super Sonic - Bad Religion
Falling Apart - Zebra Head

Back Story:
A succesful experiment gone wrong in the year 2999 on the MARS Ark when GUN forces (In the future, being a military government, GUN is seriously beefed up) had arived at M.Ark trying to destroy all traces of the Life project series, which was first Kaylim, Anit, and Nayik. Kaylim was a deactivated robotic animal, anit was the first fully biologically engineered animal, and Nayik was the first fully biologically engineered human, used to help the human race repopulate due to extremely high toxins making guys and girls "shoot blanks." After a series of events, Nayik finds himself faced with himself, as a Hedgefox due to genetic mutations with nerve gas and DNA. Kaylim is reactivated due to a surge in energy from GUN forces Spectreguns. Nayik must then fight him with his new body. Soon after, Anit finds him sleeping in a tree trunk covered in sap and takes him to the laboratory she was created in. One thing lead to another, and his current adventure is serving Serrate as a slave until he can find a way out.
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Nayik the Hedgefox
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