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 kodiak the five tailed guardian

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moonlight kitsune

moonlight kitsune

Posts : 70
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Join date : 2009-07-06
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PostSubject: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:02 pm


Nicknames: the five tailed guardian, night sky, dragon guardian, star walker, moonkit


Spieces: five tailed kitsune

Occupation: kodiak is a guardian

Kodiak is a gray five tailed kitsune, his five tails end in black tips.
his ears are also half covered in black fur while his hands are covered
in black for but with a white crescent moon on the back of them. his
head fur, while kodiak usually keeps rather tidy, has a pair of white
tufts of fur, one right above the other, that come down between his
eye's he knows he could smooth them out, yet he can't bring himself to
mess with them. his eye's are a pricing blue, so pricing that it looks
like he can gaze to your very soul if you hold his gaze for more then a
few seconds . he is almost always dressed in black armor that is far
heavier then it looks, it is unknown how he can manage to walk and not
fall through the floor of a building. on his waist rest a pair of brass
knuckles, engraved into the side of each brass knuckle is a howling
wolf and the brass knuckles themselves are in the shape of wolf heads.
on his back rest two swords the hilt and handles on each of then are
engraved with a cat with it's claws out ready to strike. how ever two
gems rest on the swords, one on each. one has a dragon carved out of
moonstone, on the other is a fox carved out of obsidian no matter what
kodiak is wearing he always has a locket around his neck, on one side
is a picture of him and his parents before he lost them and the other
is a picture of him and all his friends,

on the occasions when his armor is just inappropriate or he wants to hide kodiak has two other set's of clothing he will wear. one a simple gray tunic that blends in with his natural fur color with white shoes. his pants are a
simple blue color all he has to do is tuck his tails into his cloths
and put in a pair of green contacts and he blends into a crowd. the
other is for more formal occasions, kodiak dresses in a kimono that is
as black as night. it is decorated with stars and a pair of foxes
curled up into yin and yang symbols upon the arms. on the back is a
full moon with a dragon soaring across it. along the bottom hem there
where foxes frolicking about in the grass.

attitude: kodiak is calm person, so calm in fact it's not only
unnerving, but he emits an aura of unnerving calm almost all the time.
underneath that calm emotionless exterior is a caring person that would
die for his friends and loved ones, he wishes to prevent the same
suffering he has gone through, and still suffers to this very day and
beneath all that even beneath the flame that represents his
determination and will to live, is a hurt kid crying for the ones he
lost, wishing for the loving cares and comforting touch that was lost
so long ago. and depending on which of the there set's of clothing he
is wearing her has a subtle personality change. if he's in his armor
he's his usual calm self. ready for a fight. if he's in his street
cloths, as rare as that is, he is a calm and fun loving man that is
easy to get along with and his frightening calmness seems to be all but
gone. and if the guardian is in his kimono he far more elegant, his
attitude and voice is more formal. when i battle kodiak is every bit a
warrior as his parents, the two guardians that raised, him where. how
ever unless something truly get's him mad then that's when his enemies,
or thoughs he see's as enemies, had better start running and pray that
if kodiak catches up to them that he wont kill them or maybe that
kodiak kiles them quickly.

Alignment: good


blade magic: flame blade, aqua blade, lightning blade, impact blade,
chain blade spirit sword, air blade, twister blade, angel's
light,(Light blade) devils might. (Dark blade) dragon dance, fox calling
moon powers: howl of mourning, Moon blast, moon Gatling, moon sickle, moon's wrath,

blade magic: arm blade, chain blade, impact blade,
moon powers: moon's guardian, moon's wall

Kodiak is very strong his armor weighs at least a ton how ever using a
little magic kodiak can walk on any surface a normal mobian can. how
ever he can release this magic and his armor becomes it's normal
weight, he how ever feels the restraint and weight of the armor at all

other: kodiak has what's called heart listening, his eye's glow a pale whie just like the moon energy he uses, he can acurately predict how an oponet can move so kodiak can attack or defend/dodge, how ever this is not perfect as with a little practice onc can trick this and cause kodiak, to make the wrong move or step wrong. robots who have no heart so to speak so kodiak can't listen and predict them as easly. on the half moon kodiak is cursed to become a spirit as tuskuryu the dragon spirit inside of him emerges and the moon shines on his scales


Background: (Kodiak was born on a
night when the full moon looked down upon him, her face smiling gently,
his parents didn't have that gentle smile. they had a five tailed freak
child, and with a family with a reputation for pure blooded foxes, not
kitsune, this was a catastrophe so in the middle of the night they
dumped the young infant, not even a day old. how ever luck was on the
kitsune's side. a couple came upon Kodiak and, seeing how the shivering
newborn had just been abandoned, adopted the five tailed kit. they
named the kit kodiak and decided that they would train him, how ever
they loved him and decided that they would not force him to become a
guardian. a few years latter the couple found kodiak with a pair of
brass knuckles on his waist and he was struggling to lift a sword. from
that day on, kodiak's parents trained him, kodiak learned blade magic
from his mom, how ever things didn't always go according to plan.
kodiak has set him self on fire, fused his own bones with the metal of
his swords, electrocuted himself, crack his scull open and so on and so
fourth, far more then should be possible. yet kodiak finally got it
down. nursing a good number of scars as he finally demonstrated that he
could use blade magic.
Kodiak spent years learning how to fight and
use brass knuckles from his father. this training s why kodiak is so
strong, come on to have to punch a way through a mountain will make any
one strong, through out all of this kodiak developed his own style
using all his limbs and weaponry, this includes his tails swords claws
and fangs. during the training he was running across the wall of the
shrine where his home had been located dogging his moms thick and heavy
impact blades when he tried to stop one, his swords shattered and his
head was split open, when his parents asked him latter why he did what
he did he said "birds" his father went and looked seeing kodiak ended
up cracking his scull open to protect a nest of eggs. the three laughed
as kodiak father came running back with the parents of the next chasing
him, how ever the happiness was to be short lived. kodiak was six was
when his life was shattered. he had his family had been protecting
where they lived since before kodiak had been born, but today was the
day nothing elts matters. as an army came marching down upon their home
the two guardians and guardian in training rush out to meet them, the
battle raged for hours, the swords of kodiak's mom whistling through
the air and biting into flesh, the wolf knuckles of his father biting
and ripping out chunks of flesh, and kodiak using his style of fighting
to take out every one in his path. however he soon found himself face
to face with the one who was leading the attack upon kodiak and his
family, sparks flew as blades clashed as the two of them fought a harsh
battle how ever kodiak's blades where sliced through when he raised
them to defend an over head slash startled kodiak launched into using
his other weapons, mainly his brass knuckles and claws but he couldn't
do any thing he was tripped and found himself of his back watching as
in slow motion the leader swung his blade meant to sever kodiak's head
from his shoulders however, something got in the way, kodiak remembers
a scream and blood hitting his face. after that kodiak remembers seeing
his father over him the swords having severed his spine. his mom
screamed her husbands name before an arrow went through her heart.
kodiak sat there in shock, his parents where supposed to be invincible
laughter assaulted his ears. insults of every kind where hurled at his
dieing parents. the six year old kitsune slowly rose to his feet. his
eye's gone from pricing blue to a dark blood red. demonic wings erupted
from his back as his fur changed to pure black, the crsent moons on his
hands becoming blood red as the tips of his tails matched the crsent
moones, slowly painfully with the powers born of rage sarow and hate,
kodiak destroyed them all. he reverted back to his normal six year old
self, as he retreated into himself and passed out tears running down
the his face never stopping.
In his minds eye he stood on top of a
hill next time him stood his parents, they comforted him and told him
to live on, to protect mobius and with that kodiak was back in the real
world. slowly he stood and eased the weapons his parents had used and
mastered from their grasps he made special sheaths for the swords and
seathed them, then he turned and made a special holder for his fathers
wolf knuckles. he buried his parents in the garden of the shrine, as
that was where the three of them loved to be. after that kodiak left
shrouding the shrine in magic that would hide it and prevent anyone
from ever entering unless kodiak allowed them. then pulling on a
traveling cloak he walked away the night sky the only witness. kodiak
traveled for years honing his skills, he protect many and it's
speculated that before he came into the spot light that he has helped
the sonic hero's defeat eggman a few time, during his travels kodiak
not only crafted his armor but also made the magic that determine how
much he was held back by it, and how heavy it is. during his travels
kodiak stumbled across a crevice and fell it, pushed by an unseen
force. knocked out after falling for miles, kodiak's spirit was judged
and a dragon's spirit by the name of tuskuryu was sealed inside of
kodiak, to help him protect all under his proverbial wings. now kodiak
walks known by many, to some a hero, to others their worst
nightmare,(namely the crooks) to all he's known as a guardian.

Homeland: kodiak has no home land he's a wanderer

Family:nami the cat of the wind(deceased)
eric the wolf of the night(deceased)

Old Rivals: none at the moment

Equipment: his swords wolf knuckles armor

wolf knuckles: the brass knuckles of his father, theses are in the shape of wolf heads giving them the name "Wolf knuckles" normally kodiak wont use these
vicious weapons on another living creature with out a heck of a reason,
because more then kodiak's blood has been spilled by the savage weapons
that once belonged his father, the fangs of the wolf head are sharp
enough to cut through steel, as is demonstrated when ever kodiak
decides that eggman's robots need to be cut down to size.
Run down,
Wolf Knuckles: the Wolf knuckles once belonged to kodiak's adoptive
father, eric the wolf of the night. the black wolf, could punch, kick,
and bite his way through any thing in his way, the brass knuckles where
forged many generations back, and have been linked to both noble acts
and acts of the most evil. in most cases they moved on to their next
owner through the act of their wielders death, thus a legend circled
around the brass knuckles, that the wolfs thirsted for blood and that
each time they where used that thirst increased, never to be abated.
kodiak as seen the fangs glimmer with both the blood of his father and
his own blood as well. if he passes the weapons on to some one elts he
wants to pass them off to the next owner in peace, not with his death
not with battle looming over them, just as a gift when kodiak can no
longer rise against the darkness of the world, a gift to the next
guardian who will take a stand against against all that threaten the
one's he/she protects.

weapon: The fang of the moon dragon
this sword was crafted in ages long gone and imbeaded into it's hilt is
a dragon carved out of moonstone, it is said that this sword has great
destructive powers and can destroy armies with a sweep of it's blade,
kodiak has yet to find out if this is true because of his other
abilities he has had no need to use this kind of destructive power. it
is claimed that the sword changes slightly for whoever holds it, say a
dragon held it the engraving would change to that of a dragon that
looked like it was about to destroy the army in front of it. and a
kitsune that holds it will change the engravings into that of a fox
ready to deceive it's opponents till they fall beneath it fangs, how
ever this sword still holds the engraving of a cat, kodiak only can
hope that it's because his parents are still by his side. this sword
looks to be slightly thinker then the average sword and is almost
impossible to break.
rundown: created long ago by one of two warring
nations the worshipers of the dragon of the moon believed that the moon
dragon was the first and only dragon of his kind, born when the first
moon came to be, this tribe that consisted mostly of dragons yet many
other species also made up this tribe. how ever foxes and kitsune where
all either rejected or killed upon sight this is because the tribe was
at war with the worshipers of the kitsune of the night. the sword of
the moon dragon was crafted in honor of the dragon of the moon. The
sword had great power and could kill many with a single sweep it was
originally meant to protect the tribe of the moon dragon yet after a
few generations some one came into power and decreed that they had to
spread the dragon's influence to all, and destroy any one who stood in
their way. after a few that spoke out against this vanished, the tribe
followed and son destruction followed where ever they went. most where
forced into submission and integrated into the ranks of the moon dragon
worshipers, and the few that stood up against the moon dragon
worshipers where wiped out doing little more then slowing them down a
little, how ever the tribe finally met it's match, when they crossed
paths was a tribe almost as large as their own. the worshipers of the
kitsune of the night. they not only resisted the tribe of the moon
dragon yet also, stopped them dead in their conquest. at this, the
dragon worshipers started to slaughter all the foxes and kitsune in
their ranks only a few managed to escape to freedom and passed right
through the kitsune of the night tribe and while some chose to stay and
take up arms against the dragon of the moon tribe, many, along with
their loved ones vanished never to be seen again. war ragged between
the two tribes, it lasted centuries before the prince of the moon
dragon by a chance made by fate, fell into a chasm opened up by the
energy's cast by a pair of mages. his wings hurt the dragon's only
company was a kitsune who happened to be the princes of the followers
of the kitsune of the night. as time went by the two got to know each
other and a new feeling rose, the two where star struck, they found
that they really had nothing to hate about each others back grounds in
fact the legends actually complemented each other. since they where the
ones who possessed the two fabled weapons of their tribes, they
vanished. with out a guiding force, both tribes eventually broke apart
and dispersed. the sword was passed down through the generations till
it came to rest in the hands of nami the cat of the wind, kodiak's
adoptive mother, before it fell into kodiak's small and inexperienced

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moonlight kitsune

moonlight kitsune

Posts : 70
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PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:02 pm

weapon: the claw of the kitsune of the night
this elegant blade was crafted ages ago on it's hilt is an elegantly
carved fox carved out of obsidian gazing ever upwards. other then that
while it seems to be a much thinner and easier to break it is as
durable as the fang of the dragon of the moon. the engravings on this
sword are that of a wolf, just like the fang it's engraving where to
change depending on the holder how ever they changed into a wolf
howling kodiak only looks on hoping that this meen his parents are
still with him. this sword is said to make the user able to hide in the
veil of night with out leaving so much as a shadow behind. they are
effectively invisible unless touched by the light of the sun even a
glance and the spell shall be broke till night fall
rundown:the claw
of the kitsune of the night was crafted ages ago, the tribe that
worshiped the kitsune of the night. legend said that the deity that
they worshiped was the kitsune of the night and when she walked through
the sky her veil covered the land encasing it in night. this was a
peaceful tribe, and while it sought to convert others, it also helped
them if peaceful preaching wouldn't convert them then the followers of
the kitsune of the night decided that they wouldn't force any one and
instead helped them before moving on. through out the years the night
kitsune worshipers had gathered up a very large tribe, kitsune where
mostly in charge but other species had their say including dragons. the
claw of the kitsune of the night was crafted for one purpose, to
protect, and it wont be used for any thing elts with out a good reason.
the need to defend the night kitsune tribe really came when they found
themselves in the path of the tribe of the moon dragon, the moon dragon
tribe had been assimilating every thing in their path, so the night
kitsune took up arms and, not only defended them selves but stopped the
moon dragon tribe in their tracks. upon seeing who the night kitsune
worshiped and who lead the tribe the moon dragon tribe promptly
slaughtered every kitsune that didn't flee. The night kitsune tribe
took pity on thoughs who where running away and let them go with out
any problem, even granting them the right to take up arms if they so
chose. how ever the dragons of the night kitsune tribe looked up at
their leaders in fear of what would happen how ever the night kitsune
didn't see them as threats because they where loyal and let them live.
war between the two tribes lasted centuries neither tribe managing to
get the upper hand over each other. finally the princes of the night
kitsune tribe, by coincidence or fate, was fall into a crevice created
by two mages battling, when she came too, the first thing see saw was
the prince of the moon dragon tribe unconscious and his wings badly
hurt. the first thought that cam to her mind with to kill him there and
then, she shook the thought out of her head and decided to help him
just like her ancestors, so the vixen got to work, as she worked the
dragon prince came to, as they learned about each other and their
backgrounds, they learned that they didn't have any thing to hate, and
a new feeling connected them as the two vanished together, the two
warring tribes soon broke apart. the claw of the kitsune of the night
has been passed down through generations before it was placed into
kodiak's mothers hand, before it fell into kodiak's hand.

Kodiak armor is a tough piece of work, it's hard to get through, but that's not the reason kodiak made it, it is also designed to hold kodiak back, he has no delusions of what power can do to a person, even a guardian, so if he removes it, who ever he is facing had better start worrying because kodiak has stopped holding back. the armor quite literally weighs a ton how ever magic make it so he can walk across any thing a normal mobian can, how ever he feels the full effect of the armors weight upon him self at almost all times.

Armor/Clothing: kodiak's traditinal black armor, his kimono, and street cloths

Other Facts:

Social standing: guardian, other then that he doesn't know nor care

Economic Class: who knows he's never short on money when it's needed.

Crush: none on this site

Enemies: eggman and any one who would hurt his friends

Favorite Music: any thing but rap

Favorite Food:meat lover pizza

Theme Song(s):mighty wings by cheep trick/superman by five for fighting/Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank

quotes:"My heart and my fears are weakness huh.....heh you're wrong they are what give me my strangth!"

"my friends, they are counting on me i have to help them!"

"I shall always stand by you..........for eternity."

"call my name to the wind and i'll be there."

"If i do die one day, and you need my comfort, turn towards them moon for that will be where i am."

"this is it, no more turning back, every body who is still with me, i don't know what the outcome may be but this is it! Let's ride, One, Last, Time!"

"would the four of you please shut up? not only is the loud arguing you four are doing inside my head giving me a headache but others are looking at me like i'm crazy."

Once again i surprise my self with the length of kodiak's profile.

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Nayik the Hedgefox
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Nayik the Hedgefox

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PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:56 am

The FC sheet's helped, didn't they. Anyway, awesome profile.
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moonlight kitsune

moonlight kitsune

Posts : 70
Rings : 3629
Boxes : 6
Join date : 2009-07-06
Age : 26
Location : wandering the land under the moon filled night

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:01 am

thank you, this is my guardian, and i love him.
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Nayik the Hedgefox
Spark Leader
Nayik the Hedgefox

Posts : 174
Rings : 4460
Boxes : 4
Join date : 2009-04-18
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:12 am

well, I'm gonna start my own character(s). See you on the flip side.
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Nayik the Hedgefox
Spark Leader
Nayik the Hedgefox

Posts : 174
Rings : 4460
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Join date : 2009-04-18
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:16 pm

Hey, you forget moonkit.
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moonlight kitsune

moonlight kitsune

Posts : 70
Rings : 3629
Boxes : 6
Join date : 2009-07-06
Age : 26
Location : wandering the land under the moon filled night

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:18 pm

apparently i did.
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Nayik the Hedgefox
Spark Leader
Nayik the Hedgefox

Posts : 174
Rings : 4460
Boxes : 4
Join date : 2009-04-18
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:18 pm

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moonlight kitsune

moonlight kitsune

Posts : 70
Rings : 3629
Boxes : 6
Join date : 2009-07-06
Age : 26
Location : wandering the land under the moon filled night

PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:31 pm

though untill you said it that wasn't one of kodiak's nick names.
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PostSubject: Re: kodiak the five tailed guardian   

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kodiak the five tailed guardian
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